Zuhrus Systems Planet Pathways

The Zuhrus SystemEdit

The Zuhrus System is a small solar system of six planets orbiting two center sister stars, Zuh and Rus, binary orange dwarves. It is located relatively close to the Arachnid quarantine zone in the Milky Way and has seen some relatively light combat between Arachnid and Federation forces. It is aproximately 1600 light years in normal space distance from Sol.

Planets in the Zuhrus SystemEdit

  • Krede - Very Cold Ice Giant (5 moons)
  • Urgian - Very Warm Desert
  • Satau - Comfort Selena (dwarf / 5 moons)
  • Barcador - Cold Desert (2 moons)
  • Astase - Cold Gas Giant (6 moons)
  • RS 840493 - Cold Ice World (1 moon)