Class Warm Terra with Life
System Barnard
Capital Maltene
Population 368 million
Rotation 5.552 days
Orbit 55.523 days
Temperature 305.16K, 89.618F, 32.01C
Diameter 11146.754km
Age 8x10^9 years
Gravity 0.8143587g
Satellites 3


Originally a perimeter colony in the Barnard system shortly outside the Brio system, Yuzine eventually developed a reputation for being a factory world. Many Federation-issued weapons are shipped out of Yuzine.

Geographically, Yuzine is a fairly uninteresting, barren world filled with crater lakes and craggy mountains. Geological activity is a common power source for the factories of Yuzine.

Points Of InterestEdit

Yuzine is notable for the 700-kilometer-long impact crater in the northeastern hemisphere. Researchers have dated the crater to go back to only a few million years after the planet's creation. Most believe it was created by an ice comet, which deposited water and bacteria onto the planet.

Federal InterestEdit

The Federation is highly concerned with the safety of Yuzine, as many experimental technologies and weapons are tested in Maltene. Planetary safety is rated fifth in Federal Space.