Warrior Bug
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Low (IQ30)


Very High

Warrior BugEdit

The Warrior bug is the basic grunt of the Arachnids. They have a reputation for being the most aggressive and gruesome species in the Arachnid swarm.

Warrior bugs are usually encountered in hordes, sometimes in the thousands. They blindly rush their enemy in a type of bloodlust with no concern for their own self-preservation.


Warrior bugs are four-legged insect-like creatures of the Arachnid species. They approximately 2 to 3 meters (seven to nine feet) long and 2.5 to 3 meters (eight to nine feet) tall. They are colored according to their surroundings, causing the most common variant, desert Warriors, to be tan with black and yellow stripes. The rearmost pairs of legs are much longer than the two front forelegs, and serve as the primary locomotion, with the forelegs being a third shorter. Warrior bugs are quite agile and fast, able to climb and burrow with ease.

These bugs utilize a powerful pincer-like mandible that is capable of crushing solid rock, metal and severing limbs as a means of attack. The two upper forelegs or "side mandibles" are utilized in the manner of swords for attack as well as defense. It was originally thought that they use these upper forelegs as 'hands' for grasping objects in a manner similar to that of a Praying Mantis. This is, in fact, not the case, as a Warrior has next to no dexterity with them and, as such, they are merely stabbing and slashing implements. They are devastating at this role as they reach out to well over a meter, two feet further than their forelegs or three feet further than its actual mandibles. It is said that they can lose a limb and still fight with 86% efficiency due to their thick exoskeletons and resilience to pain.

Warriors are considered expendable by their leading Brain Bug. They have no sense of self-preservation, and have a tendency to become confused, passive, or more aggressive without a psychic influence.


The usual tactic for handling a horde of Warriors is to simply fire blindly at the nearest bugs. This is a fairly effective tactic, though it may not cause much actual damage to the Warriors. Many other tactics are used, varying in efficiency.

When Warriors are in small groups or alone, a rare occurence, it is advised to aim for the nerve stem found in the upper torso. This ensures lasting damage or death to the Warrior, rather than mere delay.