Class Comfort Terra with Life
System Dvorak
Capital Gamma-Daeved
Population 1.6 billion
Rotation 21.8 hours
Orbit 294.86 days
Temperature 302.16K, 84.2F, 29C
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Satellites 2


Vermilion was founded in 2159 by charity organiser Artemis Daeved. The founding colony would be named Alpha-Daeved, however, Omega-Daeved would become the capital, and the final colony Daeved would establish before his death in 2192. Before colonization, the continental surface of the planet was 81% with the rest composed of deserts and barrens. In 2281, the United Citizen's Federation began negotiations with Vermilion's government to be granted into the Federation.

The only recognised explored continent is the "Artemis Plate", which is found below the super-continent, and above two other continents whose outskirts have only been recently explored.

Points of InterestEdit

The colonies of Vermilion, both major and minor, are beautiful, save the hot barrens and deserts, with each specializing in their own trade, the only exception being Epsilon-Daeved, whose mercantile was lost after several gangwars within the limits and has thus been thrown into spiraling mayhem, housing pirates, thugs, and houses a chapel for the Lucrison Cult. All colonies founded by Artemis were christend with the suffix "Daeved", after him.

  • Alpha-Daeved - Agriculture Industry
  • Bravo-Daeved - Fishing Industry
  • Charlie-Daeved - Advancements in Medical Technology
  • Delta-Daeved - Mining Industry
  • Epsilon-Daeved - None
  • Gamma-Daeved - Government; Capital City
  • Lambda-Daeved - Advancements in Scientifical Technology
  • Omega-Daeved - Stock Market Industry

Other miscellanious products are made and distributed by other minor colonies.