Tyler Boyce
Placeholder person
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 21
Height: 6'1"
Parents: N/A
Siblings: None
Birthday: 9/4/2377
Birthplace: Scottland, Earth
Rank: Private
Battalion: Alpha Company, 112th battalion
Service: 3 Months

Pre-Military LifeEdit

As a child, Tyler showed great intrest in the Mobile Infantry for as long as he could remember. In school he was rather over average and when he got to highschool he was able to work as fleet but was sent by his parents elsewhere. His parents didn't approve of him enlisting so they sent him to work on the shipyards on Earth. Tyler found a loop to his work and became interesting in Engineering. He started working from Supply ships to battle cruiser. After awhile he went behind his parents and joined the mobile infantry.

Military LifeEdit

When he arrived a boot camp he was usually called "Loner" because he wouldn't speak to anyone besides the drill sergeants, who he hated too. After boot camp he was first assigned to a fort on Earth which he started learning about explosives on his free time there. His CO was very cruel to Boyce from the start by subjecting him to overwork and with little help Boyce became more and more rebellious to his Officers orders. He would find ways to avoid or even countermand his orders to a point where it was natural. Later Boyce found out that the officer was destroying the base slowly and reported the actions to a base miles away. Boyce lead the investigation of more evidence of his treason and brought him down. He was then transferred to the 112th for active duty in combat.




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