Tanker Bug




Medium (IQ82)



Tanker BugEdit

With each Arachnid serving a specific military role, Tanker Bugs function as a form of armor support. A Tanker's thick exoskeleton provides it with excellent protection from common Morita rounds, allowing them to withstand enormous amounts of concentrated fire. They are, however, highly vulnerable to explosives.

Tanker Bugs were commonly used by the Arachnids during the Klendathu Campaign. Several Tanker Bugs were seen on Planet-P and Tango Urilla, where they commonly attacked Mobile Infantry forces by tunnelling underneath them and coming up behind the M.I. lines.

Tankers attack by firng a corrosive goo from a nozzle centered on their head. This substance is highly dangerous, and is known to disintegrate humans whole. While fighting a Tanker, strategies usually end up in hunkering down while a Trooper or a Marauder heads to a clear spot, and fires an explosive Nuke at the Tanker. Another way of dealing with these enemies is to call for orbital bombardment or TAC strikes.