Strelitzia trans
Class Comfort Terra with Life
System Velana
Capital Paraiso Streli
Population 1.1 billion
Rotation 43.2 Earth hours
Orbit .9 Earth years
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Diameter {{{diameter in kilometers}}}
Age {{{planet age in earth years}}}
Gravity 9.69143 m/s
Satellites 2

Strelitzia is a terran planet on the outer rim of Federation territory. Nearly perfect for human colonization, Strelitzia was discovered in 2253 by a lost Brisch -based Federation mining frigate. Strelitzia's soil became incredibly fertile from millenia of naturally-accumulating nutrients deposited deep underground by rapidly-changing tectonic plate movements. With only a single continent, Strelitzia is almost used almost entirely for the farming of wheat, corn, and other staple foods. Along with these foods, a domestic fruit dubbed the elti is commonly harvested. The elti is an apple-sized citrus fruit with the texture of a raisin and a unique taste some civilians have compared to oranges mixed with raspberries. Other native flora and fauna cause trouble for harvesters, notably a relentless reddish-green weed-vine known as the bia, and an aggressive scaled bear-like creature called Leshies.

Points Of InterestEdit

Strelitzia's climate and landscape is similar to Earth's northern England or southern Scotland, with rolling hills of fields and occasional deep lochs. A mountain range loops around the northwest coast, and several small tropical archipelagos dot the planetwide ocean. The immaculate beaches often draw in tourists, causing the development of beach resorts along the coastlines, notably on the Aeromebiaus Islands.

Federal InterestEdit

Strelitzia's vast, mostly unexplored mountain ranges house a perfect, enclosed location for drill camps and training deployments. A large valley in the northwest was refitted for the MICDTF retraining of several battalions, including the 77th Sabretooths. A single shipyard is currently running in the capital city of Paraiso Streli.

  • The farmlands of Strelitzia
  • The northwestern mountain range
  • A galaxy-famous resort on the Aeromebiaus archipelago.
  • A view of Paraiso Streli