Environmentally Sealed Bodysuit: There is no way for gases, liquids or other contaminants to get at a Skinny inside a suit of powered armour. This protects him from all attacks except acid and neural disruptors that use these mediums for transmission. Sealed suits also protect a wearer from harmful atmospheres and vacuum; they are the reason a Skinny can survive in deep submersion or in the void of space.

Helmet Light: A powerful lamp that sheds illumination in a 15 foot path out to a distance of 120 feet. It also possesses an ultraviolet mode for generating light that is only visible in the ultraviolet spectrum. Unlike the light mounted on the power suits used by SICON, Skinny helmet lights already have a usable secondary light that shines in a spectrum Arachnids cannot see. This would
allow them to spotlight bugs from outside the insects’ detection range, though there is no direct evidence that the
Skinnies have even had contact with Arachnids, much less have a reason to combat them more effectively.

Jump Jets: Jump jets are situated in both a Skinny’s boots and his suit’s as a collapsing backpack unit. Using jump jets, Skinnies can jump over a limited area and reach elevations of up to 200 feet. Jump jets use fuel and can only carry a Skinny for 1,000 feet before needing to be recharged. This allotted distance can be spent in any increment up to 90 feet per round, such as 20 jumps of 50 feet or whatever a Skinny needs during a mission. Jump jets do not allow a Skinny to hover or fly, they simply enhance the Skinny’s jumps. If a Skinny is hit mid-jump the suit allows the Skinny to land safely, thus not taking further damage from falling.

Psychic Shielding: Though SICON scientists cannot isolate this equipment it is believed to be an inherent property of the polymer used in the suits composition, it is proposed that Skinny armour generates a psychic interference directly tuned to blanket out the wearer’s presence from clairsentience powers of all kinds. This defence does not affect other kinds of psychic abilities, although it may be the reason for a Skinny raider’s general resistance to all types of mental attack.

Temperature and Biological Regulator: Skinny armour has a built-in climate and health control that handles many basic jobs, including the innocuous one of making certain that exhaled gases do not condense on the viewing surface of an encounter helmet. Temperature regulators can only operate for 24 hours before their power cells and chemical supplies are depleted.