Skinnies are tall, grey-skinned bipeds with thin limbs and knobbly hides. Ranging from seven to nine feet in height these wiry humanoids are covered in a grey hide with occasional greenish blotches, this coloration seemingly either shifts throughout the Skinny lifecycle or are a sign of racial variation, similar in nature to the skin tones of humanity. Their leathery epidermis is pierced in places by protrusions of bone, most commonly on the shoulders, elbows and the length of the spine. Skinnies are completely hairless and do not appear to require surface respiration. Skinnies have a much higher body temperature (45°C/113°F), a temperature that can be fatal to humans (36°C/96.8°F). This higher body temperature causes a naked skinny to show up on a pair of snoopers like a neon sign.

The appendages of a Skinny are elongated and, as mentioned above, bear numerous bone protrusions. These protrusions come to distinct points and suggest that while they may not exhibit any pugilistic tendencies now, their ancestors may have been physical hunters at some point in their evolution.

The combination of their long limbs, thick skin and height requires a remarkable effi cient cardiopulmonary and respiratory system to ensure proper circulation of gas and fl uid to the structures of the body.