Siege of BrischEdit

"Last night, the Skinnie armada appeared in orbit around the planet of Brisch and began orbital bombardments on the surface. Right now, the Mobile Infantry is fighting for your freedom. The freedom of the Federation. The freedom of Brisch."

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The Siege of Brisch was an unexpected assault by the Skinnie fleet on the planet of Brisch as retaliation for the events of Operation Firestorm. Minutes after the initial assault, a response was organized by the Sky Marshal, who redirected a majority of the entire Federation Fleet towards Brisch. However, by the time the fleets were prepared, Brisch was already devastated. Much of the Sixth "Titanomachy" Fleet remained in refueling orbit around Brisch after some work nulling separatist hostilities in Operation Desert Flames. The Siege of Brisch became one of the most important defensive battles in the history of the Federation.


Automated defense systems held off the Skinnie armada long enough for the Sixth Fleet to prepare weaponry and organize planetary defenses. The Sixth Fleet destroyed several dozen Skinnie battleships within the first hour of assault. However, as the armada grew, much of the Sixth Fleet began retreating to nearby colonies. Brisch was collapsing, as orbital bombardments devastated the metropolic terrain. The Sixth Fleet's flagship, the AFC-BC117 Audie Murphy, was one of four ships to stay behind and defend Brisch. The battalion onboard, the 77th "Strawn's Sabretooths" Mechanized Infantry Battalion , was deployed to the surface along with nearly a dozen other battalions. Notably, the 44th "Flankers" Mobile Infantry Battalion, which became infamous for its actions during the siege.

The 44th "Flankers" Mobile Infantry Battalion attempted to destroy the Skinnie armada by causing Brisch to explode using the HMS Hestia. However, with no official orders from superiors, the 77th Sabretooths and several other battalions opposed the actions of the Flankers. The Sabretooths assaulted the Flankers, halting their attempts, but at severe loss.

As the battles continued across the surface of the planet and in orbit, other fleets appeared to supplement the struggling Sixth Fleet. However, the Skinnie Armada was deemed too large, and the surface of Brisch was destroyed beyond recognition. The Sky Marshal ordered that all Fleet members evacuate the Brio system, and prepared for an offensive against the planet under the leadership of General Hauser. This led to the events of Operation Blue Eagle.