Capital ShipsEdit

Dreadnought (AFC-DN)Edit


Dreadnoughts are the largest, most powerful ships any fleet has to offer. Each capable of taking on a small fleet singlehandedly, they have huge compliments of weaponry, with many having up to six MAC cannons. They also have a formidable compliment of anti-small craft weaponry.

Heavy Cruiser (AFC-HC)Edit


Heavy cruisers take on a role between the manouvreable regular battlecruiser and the dreadnought; sacrificing some manouvreability in return for heavier firepower. The "Athena"-class holds the role as the Federation's trademark heavy cruiser in the Fleet.

Battlecruiser (AFC-BC)Edit


Battlecruisers make up the bulk of the Fleet. They possess up to four MAC cannons, and thus are formidable opponents in capital-to-capital warfare. They are also extremely manouvreable, particularly when compared to dreadnoughts and heavy cruisers.

Destroyer (AFC-DS)Edit


Destroyers take on a mainly auxiliary role in the course of fleet battles; defending the flanks of the cruisers, dreadnoughts and heavy cruisers from attack by pesky fighters. They typically possess little to no anti-capital weaponry however make up for it in being able to target up to twenty-five different small-crafts at a time.

Frigate (AFC-FG)Edit

Frigates are the smallest warship the Federation has to offer; usually having a small but super manouvreable design. They are usually built around a single MAC cannon, and are built to be fast scouting vessels.

Transport (AFC-TC)Edit

Transports have one single role: the transport of items, produce and troops. A distinguishing feature of transport is a design that maximizes space while sacrificing any chance of durability. The armament a transport typically has is a small compliment of anti-smallcraft weaponry.

Auxilliary Vessels Edit

Tactical Assault Craft (TAC)Edit

Tactical assault craft (or "TACs") are the primary small-scale fighter vessel of the Federation, being exceptionally manouvreable and capable of having a bombing armament - for use against capital ships - and a close air support armament (CAS) - used in support.

Dropship (DS)Edit

Dropships are the primary ship-to-surface transport vessel of the Federation. Not much more can be said about these besides they are built to be cheap and functional. Many pilots have been quoted saying that the dropship flies like a "flying haystack".

Admiral's Boat (AB)Edit

An Admiral's Boat is a modified dropship, designed to be more durable and comfortable than the standard dropship. While the standard dropship is intended to transport a compliment of up to sixty troopers, the admiral's boat is designed to accomodate a maximum of ten people and thus it is extremely roomy and luxurious as a result. The sky marshall flies in a modified and personal version of an admiral's boat.