Seraph A
Telluric planet
Class Telluric planet
System Seraph
Capital Weighton Market
Population 784.3 million
Rotation 19 hours
Orbit 295 days
Temperature 15ºC, 59ºF, 288ºK.
Diameter 9,340.43 Km
Age 8x10^9 years
Gravity 0.96g
Satellites 1

Seraph AEdit

Seraph A is one of the two planets orbiting in the Seraph system. It is considered an industrial-like planet, as its main attraction are the large amount of factories scattered on the surface. The entire planet is strictly under Federation control due the increasing separatist threat on the nearby planet, Seraph B.

Points of interestEdit

Seraph A is very rich in various minerals necessary for the construction of spaceships and other war equipment. Aside from that, the planet doesn't have any cultural points of interest; it is seen as a worker planet and, as such, doesn't benefit from tourists. 

Federal interestEdit

The numerous minerals buried within the planet make it a very valuable asset to the Federation. The sudden increase of insurgents in the nearby planets (namely Seraph B) has alarmed the local government; because of this, the number of soldiers stationed has doubled.