Richard Dorian
Ethnicity: Irish-Celt
Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Parents: N/A
Siblings: Albin Dorian
Birthday: December 1st, 2369
Birthplace: Awnfet, Judea Bengaro
College: Westpoint Military College, Bachelors degree in Military and Strategic Planning
Rank: Lieutenant
Battalion: 41st
Service: Two years and running.

Civilian LifeEdit

Richard Dorian was born on the Colony Judea Bengaro, a fringe world planet of similar persuasion to earth. He grew up in a small dusty mining town in the desert, where his father, Henessy Dorian, ran a machine shop with Albin Dorian, Richards older half-brother. Henessy re-married after Albin's mother had died, and birthed Richard with her. Eventually, Albin signed up for Federal service as a combat engineer, leaving teenaged Richard alone with his parents. His father recruited him into working in his machine shop, and he eventually learded all the skills that his father had taught his brother so many years ago.

Military RecruitmentEdit

Richard worked in that machineshop with his father until around the year of his twenty first birthday, when the bugs invaded Judea Bengaro. Richard and his parents were evacuated by the Mobile Infantry, and brought back to the nearby moonbase of Shallow Star, where they stayed temporarily until relocated to another colony, Ri'lanthas. Richard, feeling grateful towards the Mobile Infantry servicemen for saving his life, went to the local recruitment booth and signed up, trying to get combat engineer the same as his older brother. The recruiters there did the normal tests on him, and found that he had excellent psychic potential. He was offered a trainee position under Games & Theory, and he accepted, not sure what exactly he had gotten himself into. He was shipped off to Sanctuary for processing, then afterwards sent to earth for his Basic Military Qualification at Camp Pendleton, as well as his college degree in Military and Strategic Planning at Westpoint. He was commissioned to the rank of Lieutenant before being attached to the Intelligence group aboard the Audie Murphy.