Rhino Bug
HL2 Antlion Guard by Mariannefosho
A sketch of a rhino bug.




Very Low (IQ18)


Very High

Rhino BugEdit

As it's name states, the Rhino is a heavily armored beast capable of blind dashes, and it can change the tide of a battle. It can smash through steel with frightening ease and it's charge has been to kill people from sheer force. The only way to put down these bugs is to focus as much firepower as you can on it, although it is also possible to deliver a few hits on its exposed, less armoured back.

One of it's greatest weaknesses is the fact that Rhinos are short-sighted. This allows smart troopers to trick them into charging into pits, traps or anything that might end up causing that bug harm. They're known to be vicious, and stick to one target. In case of being chased by a Rhino, it is recommended to find high ground, and hold it while others supress and kill it.

It is NOT recommended, however, to seek shelter on flimsy constructions. This may end up in the destruction of the construction, and the deaths of whoever may inhabit it.

Rhinos usually come in singles, albeit pairs of Rhinos have been spotted several times.