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RS 840492 (FFRL designation) was founded and recorded by the passing battle cruiser AFC-BC480, and was described to be "A frozen wasteland as dead as Antarctica." It wasn't until years later that a Fleet remote probe was sent to the planet to prospect the make of the planet, and it's minability. In the process under all the snow and ice, it ended up finding what seemed to be frozen arachnid royalty castes. Immediately a combat team was sent to survey the area, and upon finding nothing still living, a large team of FFRL bio-technicians we're sent to retrieve and study the corpses found in the ice. Under ground labs were constru


cted, the only surface structures being security buildings, excavation equipment, and scanning / RADAR / long range communications arrays. Currently the operations on the planet are level 8 security clearance, that of which is required for the likes of Sanctuary.

Points of InterestEdit

Snow covered mountains and ravines cover this tiny frozen ball of rock, playing hell with long range sensors during heavy blizzards. Several top-security clearance FFRL labs are established here, researching what seems to be royalty caste anatomy, or possibly an ancestor species to the bugs.

Federal InterestEdit

With the finding of the frozen corpses, the Federation saw the possibility of learning more about the arachnids, seeing as this is the first discovery of such creatures; along with the fact that many bug royalty castes have never been seen before with human eyes.