4 Pallas
Class Terran with Life
System Enyo
Capital Athena
Population 10.15 billion
Rotation 31.21 hours
Orbit 511.023 days
Temperature 286.15K 55.4F 13. 12ºC
Diameter 61102.5812km
Age 5.6x10^9 years
Gravity 1.242g
Satellites 1

Pallas is the Only planet in the Enyo system other than its Sub-Earth Moon, Bellona. It is a large Super-Earth, dwarfing Earth in comparison by over four times.

Found with near Earth conditions, it would have been host to an array of flora and fauna.This allowed for the first colonists arriving in 2093 to quickly prosper. While it is prized for its conditions, it is the shipyards what are the true diamonds in the rough, with the majority of the land being used for the non-stop production of both Federal and citizen ships, with five shipyards able to produce Battlecruisers, and one what is capable of building as high as Heavy Cruiser class vessels, the resources being used coming from both the easy to mine ground, or the nearby moon.

Points of InterestEdit

Tectonically active, it has produced wild mountains and volcanoes, constant upheaval has left one inland sea tainted with Iron Oxide, giving it a red hue. While the remaining land what has not been converted either into shipyards or Cities to accommodate for the large population is like that out of a fantasy, rolling plains, colourful flora and natural caverns going tens of kilometres deep, some of the oldest buildings being inside as tourist attractions to see how they lived hundreds of years ago.

Federal InterestEdit

New Portsmouth being as critically important as the Capital itself for its ability to produce Heavy Cruisers, the local command would keep a special interest in the planet, making both their base within the already heavily defended Capital while substantially increasing both the garrison and planetary defences to prevent loss of the planet without a fight.

  • The Shipyards at New Portsmouth
  • A view of Athena's sea port
  • A few of the many docks in New Kiel