Light Neural Beamer: An energy amplification and redirection weapon, the light neural beamer uses mental
energy in an unknown process. The transfer coils at the end of the weapon collect these thought waves and project them into the minds of its wielder’s targets. These weapons are amazingly accurate at short ranges but in their compact form as pistols they cannot sustain a beam for long. Anyone struck by a light neural beamer becomes dazed for several minutes or even hours, which can be deadly on the battlefield. If a target is hit by a neural beamer while dazed by a previous beamer strike, the target becomes unconsciousness for atleast 4 hours. This comatose state is very deep and nothing short of physical damage can awaken the target.

Neural Beamer: A much heavier version of the light neural beamer, this model has a number of enhancements, including a greater wavelength resulting in a longer range, a larger neural capacitor for more field time before recharging and the ability to overcome the smaller weapon’s limitation on long range fire.