Morita Mark Two

The Morita Mark Two is a gas operated, air cooled, belt fed support weapon used by qualified Mobile Infantry support gunners. It comes with a sling, a bipod, and an attached 30mm grenade launcher. Firing the same .308 round as the Morita Mark I, this weapon has a fire rate of 950 rounds per minute.


Aided by it's fast fire rate and it's grenade launcher, the Morita Mark Two has an outstanding ability to surpress enemies.

The Morita Mark Two may also be used for covering fire.

Because of the attached 30mm grenade launcher, it's able to have an ability to lob grenades into places not possible by most troopers. The grenade launcher also may be used to secure rooms, areas, and sectors.

The Morita Mark Two has a bipod that may be used to help create a base of fire or a position.


The Morita Mark Two has iron sights, however these are very poor as this sight is simply a large metal piece near the muzzle of the weapon. It's also known to be a cumbersome, heavy, long and bulky weapon.

The weapon is very exposed to jamming because it may overheat due to prolonged firing, however troopers may change the barrel of the weapon if the problem pops up.