M3 Tactical Helmet


3.3 pounds

M3 Tactical HelmetEdit

The M3, or sometimes Mark 3 Tactical Helmet is standard issue to all Mobile Infantry Troopers.

It appears to be made out of the same material as the Trooper's tactical vest, yet it is made out of poorly handled metal. However, it still provides good head protection as (grenade-)shrapnels and low calibre bullets have no chance penetrating it. The helmet covers and protects most of the wearer's head, including ears. It has an integrated radio, which is built in the right side of the helmet and is being activated by a black button.

Fleet VariantEdit

The Fleet variant of this helmet provides the same functions as the MI one, only thing that is different is that the helmet is painted black and shows the fleet badge on the front.

  • Right view
  • Front view
  • Left view
  • Fleet Variant