Class Frozen Ice Giant
System Zuhrus System
Capital None
Population None
Rotation 7 hours
Orbit 8.7 years
Temperature 194.65K, -129.3F, -78.5C
Diameter 1457000.4km
Age 122x10^9 years
Gravity 47.33g
Satellites 5


Krede is an ice giant primarily made up of frozen carbon dioxide. Every year it has a cold season, and a "hot" season. The "hot" season sees an increase of several degrees causing the top layers of the carbon dioxide ice to melt, creating large clouds of condensed carbon dioxide gas, which eventually mists back down to the ground as the planets tilt slowly shifts throughout the year.

Points of InterestEdit

A robotic survey in 2390 depicted the core being made up of rare materials such as diamond, however mining is almost impossible due to the extreme cold.

Federal InterestEdit

The federation currently uses three of the five satellites orbiting Krede, and uses them primarily as listening posts and surveillance points. Mining of the planets core was deemed impossible given the current galactic situation, and has mostly been forgotten.