Class Warm Terra with Life
System Klendathu
Capital Unknown
Population Unknown
Rotation 37
Orbit 401
Temperature 26 degrees Celsius
Diameter 16338.82km
Age Unknown, possibly two billion years.
Gravity .76594g
Satellites 12 + asteroid ring

Klendathu is the home planet of the Arachnid species. Located in a large binary system of twelve planets, Klendathu sits on the edge of one of the most dense asteroid fields ever discovered. These asteroids are often launched out of orbit by Plasma Bugs and sent flying towards Earth. However, being near an asteroid field can also cause issues - several planetary scans have revealed that there is at least two meteor impacts daily, and oftentimes even more than that.

Points of InterestEdit

Due to the Federation's inability to get near enough to the planet without being fired upon by Plasma Bugs, not much is known about the topography or the landscape. However, research has been conducted on several of the planet's 12 moons. This research shows that on the five moons with sustainable atmospheres, bug presence is established. Interestingly enough, bug presence has also been found on three moons without sustainable atmospheres, suggesting that some types of arachnids can survive long periods both on planets with very low gravity, and without the need for air.

Federal InterestEdit

The Federation's interest in Klendathu is naturally very high. Theoretically, if Klendathu is destroyed, the Arachnid armies would be hopelessly lost and the war would be won. Only one full-scale frontal attack on Klendathu has ever been attempted: Sky Marshal Dienes' Battle of Klendathu, in which over 300,000 Mobile Infantry troopers lost their lives - a third of them in the first hour.