John Amves
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 24
Height: 5'11"
Parents: N/A
Siblings: None
Birthday: 3/11/2379
Birthplace: Scottland, Earth
College: Regular Fleet Training
Rank: Officer Cadet
Battalion: Audie Murphy 117, 302nd TAC Division,
Service: 7 Months

Pre-Military LifeEdit

Amves planned to be in the federation as a kid but instead of seeing himself as a trooper he saw himself as a pilot for most of his life. His parents were both happy with his choice of work. He wanted to be a pilot like his father who was a supply ship captain. When he finished high school with flying colors he then started his career in Fleet. After passing every instruction his instructor gave him they decided with his talents he would be very useful on the Audie Murphy.

Military LifeEdit

After finishing his training he was assigned to navigations on the Audie Murphy, for him flying wasn't a new thing of his life. He then made third petty officer for his first and only promotion before going into the 302nd the TAC division assigned to the Audie. After passing his trials for a position as a co-pilot he began to earn some friendships with most of the MI and Fleet personal. He found that he could blend in with the MI with no problem considering he helped them on a daily basis. He only made one big mistake his entire career which was getting in a TAC with no co-pilot and he was shot down luckily he escaped to tell the tale.


Amves can be found near a TAC or by his friends.

Amves really hates missiles that are pointed at him.


"Do I have to pull you out of the fire again?"-when talking to the MI during a assignment.

"What did you do this time?"-When seeing the MI in trouble.


  • FedDef Federal Defense Medal
  • JointService Joint Services Ribbon
  • Navigation Navigations Ribbon
  • FleetDistServ Combat Action Ribbon