Hopper Bug
Hopper Bug



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Very aggressive. Jumping and short-range fl ight capable. Cutting/chewing mandibles. Jaws exert in excess of 4,000 foot-pounds/kg.

The flying beast of the swarm. Hoppers are distinctly green in appearance and their exoskeletons relatively hollow to allow extended flight time and distance. It's wings are razor sharp and have been known to decapitate unsuspecting troopers, their stinger and jaws are nothing to be laughed at either. Because of their speed and agility, it may be hard to get a shot off at a Hopper, but if you do manage to hit it, be prepared, you might've just killed it but it could be making one last run at you.

While there are ways to detect the motion of hopper bugs in flight before they become visible, it is incredibly difficult and most units are not equipped to do so. The best most squads can hope for with hopper bugs is to remain alert, be ready to dive for cover, and keep looking to the sky.