Hannah Whittaker
Pumpkin picking on Brisch






Derrick Whittaker (Brother), Ted Whittaker (Brother) (DECEASED)


Joseph and Ellen Whittaker




July 19th



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Early LifeEdit

Hannah Whittaker was born to Joseph and Ellen Whittaker on July 19th, 2374 in the DWA District on Brisch. Her father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Mobile Infantry, with her mother staying at home to care for Hannah. In a few years at the age of seven, Hannah's mother began to recognize her psychic potential, though her father dismissed the claim, stating that he didn't want any "god-damn oxymorons" in his family. Hannah was never told of her psychic potential after her father insisted that her mother keep quiet. As such, she hadn't realized her own potential, yet she was excelling through her schoolwork and examinations with a B to A- range. Hannah frequently passed time with the use of old books, expressing a profound interest in knowledge. She often spent hours at a time in her study, turning page after page as she explored the worlds of the past. She became somewhat suspicious when she read fiction books and, as such, did not read them frequently. She found that she could easily predict the plots of whatever she had read, and stuck with nonfiction.

As she spent her non-school time in seclusion, Hannah hadn't earned a significant amount of friends in her academic career. According to her, a "woman's best friend is a good book."

Pre-Military LifeEdit

As Hannah had excelled in her courses, she considered joining Fleet. However, in her later years of schooling, she was tested as a psychic after she began to have suspicions when she could correctly guess most questions given without preexisting knowledge. When her results returned positive, she decided to manipulate her newfound abilities immediately. Her then-retired father detested the concept of his beloved daughter joining Military Intelligence, and immediately forbade her from enlistment. Hannah obeyed at first, but then decided to harness her abilities as an Intelligence officer. Originally telling her father she was joining Federal Fleet, she applied for Military Intelligence and was brought to Sanctuary for processing.

Military LifeEdit

67th Psy-Ops Detatchment, AFC-BC 117 'Audie Murphy'Edit

Upon being stationed on the Audie Murphy, Hannah Whittaker settled into her place and awaited further tasks/orders.