Class Comfort Terra
System Dvorak
Capital Tomastiye
Population 2.8 billion
Rotation 27 hours
Orbit 111.206 days
Temperature 299.816K, 80F, 26.6C
Diameter 7420.898km
Age 11x10^9 years
Gravity .791g
Satellites 1


Fotyr is a low-gravity, low-mass, small terran planet similar to Earth. Difficulties of colonizing low-gravity planets have began to become more pronounced after the colonization of Fotyr. Travelers may feel lightweight and woozy while on Fotyr, while a Fotyrian traveler may suffer short-term bone stress problems on higher-gravity planets.

Points of InterestEdit

Fotyr holds the record for the tallest mountain in colonized space. At 34,007 feet tall, Earth's Mount Everest is dwarfed in comparison. The mountain, Mount Xalph, reaches the Troposphere.

Federal InterestEdit

Fotyr is a long-time colony with large stores of weaponry and fuel. Nearly 70% of all FH-12 Flyswatters are built and tested on Fotyr.