Fleet Battlestation Ticonderoga prior to the Invasion of Klendathu.

Fleet Battlestation Ticonderoga is a mobile gunbase operated by Fleet.

The station served as a staging point for the Battle of Klendathu. Its superstructure contains stores, bars, restaurants, and tattoo parlors. The outer edge contains docking clamps for possibly a hundred ships, while the dorsal side contains docking points for damaged ships.

The station itselfEdit

The station itself was built in the year 2382, a mere weeks before the battle for Klendathu was launched. It was built specifcally for that purpose, Its name originated from Fort Ticonderoga back in the revolutionary war, where it was a pivotal point in the British and American efforts to win the war. The fort itself was always a gateway between the Britsh, French, and Americans; much as the battlestation is a gateway from the Federation to the Arachnids. The battlestation itself saw the most action of the First Bug War, where it housed the hundreds of Corvette transport ships for the Battle of Klendathu, and they were the first to greet the tattered remains of each and every ship as they limped their way back to saftey. It's located right outside the AQZ boundries, though it's still close enough to strike almost any planet within the Quarentine Zone.

After the Battle of Klendathu, it only kept a fraction of its former garrison, sending ships out for assignments, and housing beaten ships for repairs and upgrades.