Class Comfort Terra
System Ledef
Capital Yanda
Population 3.1 billion
Rotation 21 hours
Orbit 1.115 years
Temperature 280.2K, 44.69F, 7.05C
Diameter 11682.583km
Age 3x10^9 years
Gravity .899g
Satellites 2


Faxx is a highly-populated, comfortable terran planet in the Ledef system. The planet is nicknamed "the suburbs of space," as the planet has no major sights or incentives to visit. Essentially, Faxx is a colony planet with a near-perfect atmosphere and habitat, but no reasons to stay.

Points of InterestEdit

The planet has nearly no natural points of interest, as the topography of the planet is relatively flat. No major human-built structures lie on the planet.

Federal InterestEdit

The Federation puts much emphasis on the planet as a great place to live, despite the planet's lack of scenic or entertaining sights.

On April 10th, 2288, the Federation issued a severe warning to all citizens on the planet. An Arachnid invasion had begun, and an unidentified and uncurable disease spread throughout the human population. Faxx is currently quarantined until further notice.

News HeadlinesEdit