FH-12 Flyswatter
Little Bird by Messenger Of Chaos

Max Speed

282 km/h

Size L/W/H

32ft by 24ft by 8ft


1,619 lbs

Max Capacity


The FH-12 'Flyswatter' or often called 'Hopperswatter" VA-RH (Vertical Assault-Reconnaisance Helicopter) is a small, collapsible helicopter used by the Federation as a less specialized companion to the TAC Fighter. However, unlike the TAC Fighter, the Flyswatter is unable to enter and exit the atmosphere. Instead, it's dropped, dismantled, via pods (similar to Marauder pods) from orbit. The pods hold the following individual pieces of the Flyswatter:

  • Cockpit
  • Engine & Instruments
  • Frame
  • Main Rotor & Tail Rotor

The pieces can then be quickly assembled using automatic lock-in mechanisms. The Flyswatter itself is constructed from a very inexpensive carbon-fibre, causing it to be flimsy, even to the point of losing control in high-speed winds.

Before starting the vehicle, the pilot must run a complete system check. This check identifies that all four major systems are working properly. The systems are HULL (Aircraft Frame), MROT (Main Rotor), ATRQ (Anti-Torque Rotor), and INST (Instruments)


  • 2x M240 Miniguns (10mm)
  • 2x UFC-79D/B 7-tube Rocket Pods (90mm Nukes)
    WNUS 30-cal GAU17 minigun pic

    M139 Minigun

    800px-Hydra 70 M261

    70mm Hydra Rockets

  • 16x Mark 66 Chimera 70 (85mm FFAR')