Drone Bug
A sketch of a drone bug.




Low (IQ35)



Drone BugEdit

A relatively recent comer to the fray, the Drone Bug, while smaller than the average human, is just as dangerous as any other Arachnid caste. Like the Warrior Bug, they also possess sharpened limbs but are much more fragile. They make up for this with cunning and speed, being to able to outrun even the most fit Mobile Infantryman and have even been reported to being able to fly.

As mentioned before, Drones are extremely fragile. A few Morita rounds - if not a single one - can end them rather quickly. When alone, they're little, to no threat whatsoever. Their greatest strength is in numbers, and they're usually seen attempting flanking, while troopers are busy with another target. That doesn't mean they should be underestimated, however. Recommended engaging procedures are the same as the ones against Warriors. Keep your distance, and dont rush in.