Denebola C
Denebolac trans
Class Warm Gas Giant
System Denebola
Capital None
Population None
Rotation 13 hours
Orbit 3.014 years
Temperature 307.37K, 93.596F, 34.22C
Diameter 133900.4km
Age 122x10^6 years
Gravity .935g
Satellites 7

Denebola CEdit

Denebola C is a large gas giant in the Denebola System . It is most notably known as the orbit planet for the small terran moon colony New Andorra. It is very magnetically active, sometimes causing problems with passing ships. It also holds the colony of Vignemale and the military base Monte Perdido in orbit. It is reported to be a minor priority target for alien sabotage / attack, being seen as an asset for the Federal war effort against the Arachnids. This was exemplified in the bug tunnel networks discovered on it's sattelites.

Points of InterestEdit

Denebola C is incredibly magnetically active. Disturbances in the ionosphere cause hundred-kilometer-long auroras over the giant, creating a fantastic spectacle for civilians on New Andorra. Occasionally, electromagnetic storms form on the surface, lighting up a parts of the planet with massive lightning storms. Experiements for harnessing the lightning storms have proven futile, though some scientific interest in the weapons capability of such energy has been looked into to little avail. Monte Perdido formerly contained a small FFRL laboratory before its deconstruction a year later when experiements had no yield, and the scientists moved back to New Andorra. Monte Perdido was chosen due to it's tighter orbit with Denebola C in comparisson to New Andorra.

Federal InterestEdit

The Federation mines Denebola C for slipspace fuel. This is often risky due to the giant's unstable atmosphere, though this is a sign of potent fuel and nontheless an asset for the Federation. Gas mining has seen an increase of Federal service over the past three years of about 3.2 percent, initially going down with the desire for Infantry, it has been flourishing as of late, despite having the highest early retirement rate due to the effect gas mining has on the human body despite protection.