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Control BugsEdit

First identified at Hotel Delta 1-8-5, a fortress outpost on a minor planet deep within the Arachnid Quarantine Zone, control bugs quickly advanced to become a deadly and dangerous element of the Arachnid offensive against the advance of humanity. Designed and bred specifically to take over bipedal creatures, control bugs are very potent, albeit subtle weapons with the ability to be nearly undetectable for a long period of time.


Control bugs are very complicated anatomically. While their lives are usually very short, they still undergo several stages of life, the first in a small spider-like form meant for infection and subtelty. At this stage, they are only a few inches across.

To take control of their targets, control bugs usually attempt to crawl through the victim's mouth, at which point they burrow through the lower skull and enter the skull cavity. However, they are sometimes forced to burrow through the skull itself, causing more obvious infection. Once inside, they gain full control of their host. There is no known way to remove control bugs without killing the host. Within a few hours of taking control, the host's physical body will begin to deteriorate, eventually rotting and falling apart.

After a successful infection, control bugs begin to grow into carriers. In this stage, they breed more first-stage control bugs on their 'tails' and release them. This process of reproduction is very quick, as the control bug actually cannibalizes the human's body for use in reproduction. If a carrier control bug dies, it will release all of its spawn instantly, even if they are not fully developed.


In the event of a control bug infestation on a Federal ship, code purple is enacted. All living crew members are lined up and tested with a lie detector. If the detector goes off, the trooper is instantly killed.

A second method occurs on ships with active psychic Military Intelligence officers on board. These officers can immediately identify hosts infected by control bugs, and quickly end the control bug's life. As such, control bugs have learned to avoid intelligence officers at all costs.

  • A fully-matured carrier control bug.
  • A human several days after control-bug infection.
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