Charlotte Clarke








Samantha Lamb (mother) Harry Clarke (father) Augustus Clarke (K.I.A) Rebecca Cella (Sister) James Cella (Nephew)


April 12 2366


Oxford, England, Earth


Tereshkova Fleet Base




AFC-BC117 Crew


18 months

Pre Military LifeEdit

Born Charlotte Clarke in 12 April 2366 to Samantha Lamb and Harry Clarke, second in what would be three children. Since a young age she would be seen reading a book or asking questions what would cause her father and teachers to become irritated at her for not listening. Charlotte's home life was bad and grew to somewhat hate her parents, her father in particular. Because of her life at home she started drinking alcohol at the age of 14 and sneaking off to go to parties, gaining a large scar down her left thigh at one's aftermath. At the age of 18 she moved out of her family home, becoming enamoured with learning as much as she could, receiving multiple burn outs while doing this. However she would study mostly on Mathematics and Physics before deciding to join the military with her brother.

Life in FleetEdit

Charlotte joined Federal Fleet at the age of 26 leading to a heated argument with her parents what ended with Clarke denouncing them. Learning at Tereshkova base but missing the marriage of her then heavily pregnant sister and the subsequent birth of their son and Charlotte's new nephew. After finishing boot camp Charlotte was assigned to the AFC-BC117 "Audie Murphy" joining Navigations before swapping to Warfare. As time progressed on the ship she would become friends with many Fleet and Infantry alike, starting to date then marry the executive medical officer; Doctor Malin Famaen. Her rank slowly increased to Brevet Ensign during Operation Babel before the rank wipe afterwards. Charlotte later took OCS at the rank of Senior Chief, passing by two marks. Soon after getting commisioned as a Ensign Charlotte had a brief affair with Alexandir Palmer , leading to her temporary suspension, this coupled with her brother dieing a few weeks later caused Charlottes eyes to appear more empty, only lighting up when she is around her husband. However she was promoted to her Fleet Liuetenant and Captain Johnsons secretary later on. Recently Clarke recieved third degree burns to the entire of the left side of her body and face, now rectified with Cosmetic surgery. as well as this she was demoted down to Ensign again for her earlier affair by Admiral Thomas Hargreves .

Awards/Medals Edit

  • FedDef Federal Defense Medal
  • Mediumcraft2 Warfare Ribbon
  • FleetDistServ Combat Action Ribbon
  • Hyutic Campaign Operation Babel Ribbon
  • PurpleHeart Purple Heart
  • NCO Fleet Commision Ribbon