Coruscant by MorsMortisAiunt
Class Warm Terra
System Brio
Capital Brisch
Population 2.34 billion
Rotation 14 hours
Orbit 792.8 days
Temperature 301.16K, 82.43F, 28.01C
Diameter 10678.476km
Age 4x10^8 years
Gravity 1.002718g
Satellites 3


Brisch, first settled in 2091, created the only foreign-planet metropolis established by the Federation, a haven to citizens and service-men alike. In 2285, it was destroyed in a tragic slip of duty by the 44th Flankers Battalion. Once a metropolis to all reaches of the Federation with an exponentially booming residence and tourism sector for the colony's futuristic beauty, reclusive safety position well beyond the Arachnid Quarantine Zone, and abundance activites, Brisch is now is an incredibly dangerous, bug-infested planetwide series of ruins.

Points Of InterestEdit

Brisch scientists created the first organic and technological hybrid Athena-Class Battleship the, HMS Hestia. Using the transport bug's propulsion system built into the Battleship's original systems, it was set to be one of the speediest Fleet vessels, despite its heavy armaments and massive size. This vessel was downed in the starting point of what would later be referred to as the "siege of Brisch." Lasting over a week of intense conflict, the siege reduced the heavenly colony to fallen ruins, hence the responsible 44th Flanker's name change to the "44th Fallen."

Brisch was retaken after Operation Blue Eagle, and reconstruction, bug extermination, and coordinated repopulation efforts have begun. However, many believe that the chances of entirely eradicating the seemingly endless hordes of arachnids are unlikely, and believe that Brisch will forever live under the threat of the bugs.

Federal InterestEdit

Brisch exists as an incredibly important stronghold for the Federation, and losing it to the Skinnie armada struck a deep blow into the Federation's forces. General Hauser unveiled Operation Blue Eagle, an offensive to retake the expensive planet. Twenty-five battleships and dozens of corvettes launched an offensive from surrounding planets. After nearly three months of scattered battles, the entire Brio system was retaken, and reconstruction of Brisch is underway

  • Brisch before the siege.
  • Brisch in early foundations 100 years ago.
  • A shipyard in Brisch before the siege, showing the HMS Hestia
  • Troopers landing on Brisch during Operation Blue Eagle.

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