a Brain Bug which got caught several years ago

The Brain BugEdit

The Brain Bugs are a subspecies of Arachnids that served as a vital command and control role within their armies.

These variation of the Bug strains are a leadership caste amongst the Arachnid forces that served as a vital role as a hive brain for their colonies. They were highly intelligent and commanded entire Bug colonies and directed their forces against enemy threats. In contrast to the Warrior Bug, the Brain Bug was physically almost completely defenseless apart from a high pitched screaming noise capable of bursting blood vessels in human heads at a short
250px-Brain Bug

Height: 12 Ft

distance. They resemble large fleshy slug like creatures who were so fat that they were incapable of travelling completely by themselves and instead were carried by a swarm of Sand Beetles/Chariot bugs. They had multiple eyes on their head and a fleshy mouth.

They are known to be highly intelligent and are adept in a range of telepathic powers. These abilities allow the creature to control its colony as well as keep everything inside it working efficiently. The importance of this type of Bug amongst their hives meant that it is heavily defended with Warrior Bugs fighting to the last to protect it. In fact, if there is a direct danger to the Brain Bug, the Bug hordes will cease attacking until it manages to get away to safety.

One of the more dangerous abilities of the Brain Bug is its capacity to steal the knowledge out of the minds of other beings. It accomplished this through the use of a sharp appendage that protruded from its mouth. This pincer is designed to break through the skull of a sentient being and penetrate into the brain itself. Once there, the Brain Bug begins to consume the preys brain matter and absorbs all of their memories as well as their knowledge.The process of this also enabled Brain bugs to use the human body temporaly to call for reinforcements on radio equipment before being desposed of. This provided the Bugs with a great deal of intelligence on their enemies as they were capable of learning vital secrets from their foes. As such, any human captured was at times brought before the Brain Bug for this form of interrogation.