Boneshard RifleEdit

The Boneshard Rifle is a poisonous paralysis-inducing needle-firing Skinnie weapon, considerably more powerful compared to the Boneshard Pistol. A long barrel fit with two additional conductor nodes provide the motive energy needed to fire boneshard needles over a great distance with excellent accuracy and effectiveness.

The chemical makeup of the needles fired by the Boneshard Rifle are unknown, but a detailed analysis of a recovered rifle found them to be made of a brittle substance thought to be Skinnie bones. Intelligence suggests that the ammunition is organically manufactured and injected with the toxin they deliver during this process. On impact with flesh, the boneshard quickly dissipated, and the toxin is dispersed throughout the affected object, immediately causing spasms in the eyes and facial muscles. This induces temporary blindness for several hours or even days. The Boneshard Rifle is ineffective against any armored targets, notably Marauders.