Allochka Budny

Full Name

Allochka Kateryna Budny


Ukrainian Slavic




April 4th, 2394


Gamma-Daeved, Vermilion






112th Mobile Infantry Battalion

Active Service


Path to EnlistmentEdit

Allochka Budny was born on April 4th, 2394 in the Vermilion capital city, Gamma-Daeved. Her mother was a previous resident of Alpha-Daeved, Vermilion's agricultural center, and worked under the city's representative in Gamma-Daeved as an advisor. Allochka's father was descended from Federal immigrants after the planet's annexation in 2281. During her school years, Allochka became fascinated with the fauna and flora of the other planets, this interest in xenobotany would become her purpose for joining Federal Service.

When she graduated Alpha-Daeved Highschool in 2412, she bid her parents adieu and left for the Federal Building where she underwent an excruciating physical examination and was directed to the Fleet Sergeant's office. After a drawn-out ordeal of fingerprinting and signature authentification to determine that Allochka was of her own free-will. Then they proceeded with the oath:

"I, being of legal age, of my own free will -- without coercion, promise, or inducement of any sort, after having been duly advised and warned of the meaning and consequences of this oath  -- do now enroll in the Federal Service of the Terran Federation for a term of not less than two years and as much longer as may be required by the needs of the Service --I swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the Federation against all its enemies on or off Terra, to protect and defend the Constitutional liberties and privileges of all citizens and lawful residents of the Federation, its associated states and territories, to perform, on or off Terra, such duties of any lawful nature as may be assigned to me by lawful direct or delegated authority -- and to require such obedience from all members of the Service or other persons or non-human beings lawfully placed under my orders -- and, on being honorably discharged at the completion of my full term of active service or upon being placed on inactive retired status after having completed such full term, to carry out all duties and obligations and to enjoy all privileges of Federation citizenship including but not limited to the duty, obligation and privilege of exercising sovereign franchise for the rest of my natural life unless stripped of honor by verdict, finally sustained, of court of my sovereign peers.
So help me God!"


After a few days spent in the Chaplain Hotel, the temporary bunking for all new servicemen and women,  Allochka was finally being shipped out to Camp Lashmer Whistler, just inside the boundaries of the Vermilion desert. The camp was, as it's name implies, truely a camp. As many training camps for the Mobile Infantry are. The camp was divided into sections, four in total. The first, and argueably most important, housed all of the camp's permanent features:

  • Officer's Club
  • Staff Lodging
  • Mess
  • Armoury
  • Med-Bay
  • Co-ed Open Showers

The second was Tent City, a large expanse of flat desert covered entirely by large geodesic domes, sleeping twenty-five men each.The tents stretch for miles and are assigned by recruits' seniority. Oldest in the front, youngest in the back.

The third houses the activity field and is the most used during daylight hours, housing live-fire and simulated combat courses, a full track, and a padded area for CQC demonstrations and training. Though, the pads were more practical in the designation of the area than preventing injury.

And in the middle of the chaos is the square, the only some-what peaceful place in the camp. Boasting the post and broadcasting the FNN to the recruits after daily training. It's a place to unwind after a long day of running, sweating, and eating dirt.

Needless to say, the first day was brutal, within an hour of arriving two recruits had suffered broken limbs and another five collapsed from heat exhaustion soon after, Allochka included. Upon waking in the air-conditioned med-bay, Allochka was greeted with a warm yet unnerving smile from one of the COs overwatching the camp. He lay a folded piece of paper down on Allochka's stomach as she lay in the bed and walked off silently, save the occasional mechanical clanking of his prosthetic leg.

She reached down and took the paper, unfolding it and skimming it over, "Form 12-40-A" printed in bold across the top of the page. A resignment letter, a single line at the bottom to throw away her dreams of Xenobotany and the adventure it brings. Its said she accumulated near twenty of these forms over her time in the camp, each after a sub-par performance or a mishappen injury, though her dedication remains true, no matter how trivial it may appear.

After finishing Basic, she was assigned to the distinguished 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion where she will begin her active service.