Alexandir Palmer
Palmer's Senior Photo
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 19
Height: 5'11"
Parents: N/A
Siblings: Brother
Birthday: February 2nd, 2374
Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan, Earth
College: No College Education
Rank: Corporal
Battalion: 112th 'Warriors' Mobile Infantry
Service: 2 years

Service RecordEdit


  1. Unknown primary and secondary schooling (2376-2390)


  1. Recruit; Mobile Infantry, Lake Michigan Base Training Centre (2392)
  2. 112th "Wittman's Warriors" Mobile Infantry Battalion, AFC-BC117 Audie Murphy. Achieved rank of Corporal.

Early LifeEdit

Alexandir was born to Bryan Palmer, and a Lyn Russ. Alexandir's father served a basic tour of duty as a Marine in the Federation Fleet. His father kept his adventures to himself, and never claimed to have any noteworthy experiences on his tour. His mother was a quiet, albiet stern person who raised Alexandir. In comparison to most, Alexandir's upbringing was comfortable. He played football and partied a few times. Schooling came normally for Alexandir - it was easy for him but he never truly applied himself. He never considered choosing football as a career, as he was not the most talented player. Since he never applied himself in school, he felt his only option was to enlist in the Mobile Infantry and follow his father's footsteps to citizenship.

At home, his mother cooked, cleaned, kept the house tidy, and kept Alexandir and his brother in line when their dad wasn't home. Alexandir and his brother both enjoyed watching the Federal Network and became motivated to defend the Federation. Both Alexandir's mother and father seemed to be wary of the Federal Network, and advised the children not to pay attention to it. Nonetheless, life at home was an enjoyable time for Alexandir and his brother. They never dealt with much crime and his father landed a nice job that allowed him to spoil his family on occassion. Alexandir got what he wished for most of the time, and it was enough to keep him happy and entertained.

Pre-Military LifeEdit

After Alexandir finished his primary education, he realized that he didn't have any plans, little funding, and mediocre grades. He had no other choice but to tell his parents that he was joining the Mobile Infantry. Both of his parents were disheartened, but they allowed him to enlist. Alexandir felt as though his back was against a wall, and since going nowhere fast, the Mobile Infantry seemed like a means to an end.

Military LifeEdit

His time in bootcamp helped Alexandir change for the better.

112th "Wittman's Warriors" Mobile Infantry Battalion Edit

Alexandir was assigned to the AFC-BC117 Audie Murphy. Alexandir has done nothing noteworthy in his time onboard. After being board the ship for a few months, he was trained in Communications by Major Jason Wittman.


  • PurpleHeart Purple Heart (2) Silver ** (1) Bronze *
  • Communications Communications Ribbon
  • GeneralSpecialization General Specialization Ribbon
  • PrisonerOfWarRibbon Prisoner of War Ribbon (1 Bronze *)
  • MIServiceRibbon Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon
  • FedDef Federal Defense Medal
  • Citizenship
    Citizenship Ribbon