Alastair Takugawa
Taku Head
Photo taken of Takugawa while on leave.




Thirty-Four Years Old




Atsuo Takugawa (Deceased) Audrey Takugawa (Deceased)


Two Years and One Month


August 10th, 2262


Kilkenny, Ireland, Earth

Secondary Education:

University College Dublin


Lance Corporal (Medical)


112th "Hercules" Mobile Infantry

Early LifeEdit

  • Born in 2262 on the 10th of August.
  • Two parents; Audrey and Atsuo Takugawa; Mother is of Irish descent, Father is Japanese decent.
  • Father gone for majority of early childhood, mediocre socialization skills.
  • Mild anthropophobia, lasting from pre-teens to mid-adulthood. Fear overcome.
  • Went to Kilkenny High School for post-primary education. Graduated at age of 16 with a 4.4 GPA.
  • Inspired by ability to gain citizenship, and coverage of education during service.

First EnlistmentEdit

  • Enlisted to the Mobile Infantry in 2278; assigned to the 112th "Wittman's Warriors" Battalion on the AFC-BC 117 Audie Murphy.
  • Earned rank of Private after first deployment, a few days after assignment.
  • Applied for the Medical Division after field-treating a wounded soldier named Augustus Clarke.
  • Accepted into the division, under CMO Sally Fraga and XMO Malin Famaen.
  • Promotion to Private First Class
  • Service time around three months before promotion to medical specialist.
  • Lack of Commissioned Officers leading to acting seniority position within the Medical Division.

Year's Service TimeEdit

  • Medical abillities determined sub-par and demoted to Private First Class.
  • Resignation from Medical a month later.
  • Forced re-instatement to Medical Division from Surgeon General Tenedern.
  • Decision to go career.
  • Last couple of months spent providing expected care in field before disbanding of the 112th.
  • End of enlistment contract in early 2280; given full citizenship and honorably discharged.

Second EnlistmentEdit

  • Re-instated at rank of Private First Class upon commencement of hostilities.
  • Re-deployed to restored 112th Battalion in late 2280.
  • Applied and accepted for Medical Division by CMO Sevda Iseltov, co-led by Lieutenant Sally Fraga.
  • Medical funds scandal ran by CMO; removed from position and replaced by Major James Stiles.
  • Months later, Lauren Stiles (Maiden Name: King) is promoted to Lieutenant and CMO; Lieutenant Sally Fraga re-deployed to Fleet Medical Command.
  • Promotion to Lance Corporal; Resigned from Medical.
  • Promotion to Corporal from Sergeant Jasmine Ahaern and Sergeant John Ono.
  • Promotion to Sergeant from Battalion XO, Lieutenant Brian Larsen.
  • Promotion to Staff Sergeant.
  • Transferred to Medical Division upon own behest; Demoted to Specialist per transfer requirement.
  • Demoted to Lance Corporal by Lieutenant Lauren Stiles upon minor Article 18 infraction.

Awards & RibbonsEdit