Vangaurd-class Dreadnought

Home Dock

Ticonderoga Station

Size L/W/H


Sublight Speed

275 Thousand km/s

Slipspace Speed



7200 metric tons



The AFC-DN366 John Hudson is a newly commissioned vanguard-class dreadnoughts, and is named after the Federation war hero John Hudson, a man well known for his acts of valor against the skinnie, seperatist, and arachnid threats. The John Hudson serves as the flagship to Rear Admiral Harley Johnson, and is captained by Captain Donald Ackles.



What makes the Hudson so unique, however, is not its namesake, but its state of the art Mk. 7 Cherenkov Slipspace Drive, which grants the Hudson the ability to travel significantly faster and more acurate than any other drive on the market. However, beacause of the drive's complexity, a major issue presented with the use of the Mk. 7 is the energy required to operate it, therefore greatly increasing the time it takes to reproduce enough energy to engage in combat after a slipspace jump.


The hull of the John Hudson is composed of three separate parts. The first, and smallest layer is made of a material that diffuses absorbs thermal and electrical energy, lessening overall damage from energy projectiles or plasma. The layer below this is a composite of titanium, steel, and designed to resist high amounts of force such as those found in MAC cannons or other projectile weapons. The second to last layer is a compsoed of about 2% berylium and 95% nickle, giving this layer a tensile strength of 300,000 psi. The lowest layer is a very strong faraday cage that surrounds the entire ship, protecting it from electromagnetic pulses.


  • 6x Mark IV Magnetic Accelerator Cannons
  • 12x Mark IX Autocannon Defence Batteries
  • 70x 'Burgandy' All-Purpose Thermonuclear Missiles
  • 20x 'Ravage' Magnetic Thermonuclear Mines


  • 24x TAC Fighters
  • 20x Mobile Infantry Atmospheric Deployment Dropships
  • 12x Fleet Atmospheric Landing Boats
  • 8x LG-7 Lifeboats
  • 1x Admiral's Boat