Alpha Company, 88th BattalionEdit

The 88th Battalion is a battalion in the United Citzen's Federal Mobile Infantry serving as a subordinate unit of the 31st Morita Regiment, 4th Mobile Infantry Division. The Battalion was activated on October 1st, 2079 for reserves; a couple months before the invasion of Klendathu. Since it's sister battalions the 77th were deactivated soon after the Brisch campaign, as well as it's replacement battalion the 112th; the Crimson Blemish campaign~ The 88th continues to serve as the largest serving battalion within the 31st Regiment.

The 88th Battalion consists of 4 Companies- Alpha (H&S), Beta, Charlie, and Delta which comprise of a Company Commander and an Executive Commander.


  • The Klendathu Campaign [R]
  • UMN Uprising
  • The Shaolin Campaign
  • The Lourryk Campaign
  • Operation Blue Eagle
  • Operation Crimson Blemish [R]


88th Mobile Infantry Battalion - Alpha Company Edit

Commissioned Officers (Command Staff)Edit

  • Gen. Henry Gates
  • Cpt. Joshua White
  • Lt. Austin Gonsalves
  • Lt. Nick Wolf

Non - Commissioned Officers Edit

  • ​Sgt. Jason Almese
  • Sgt. Romeo Holland
  • Sgt. Emile Brown


  • Pfc. Cyneweaver-Sunsetter Grimm
  • Pfc. David Incorveti
  • Pfc. Kieron Khilji
  • Pfc. Drake Turner
  • Pvt. Darreth Avydia
  • Pvt. Julius Carnaver
  • Pvt. Galahad Gilhead
  • Pvt. Cyneviter-Sunsetter Grimm
  • Pvt. Steve Johnson
  • Pvt. William Mandella
  • Pvt. James McAllister
  • Pvt. Richard Morales
  • Pvt. Pavil Oleg
  • Pvt. Claire Stevens
  • Pvt. Justin Verecke
  • Pvt. Brad Burns
  • Pvt. Vladimir Kruschev

Company Staff Edit

Medical Personnel

Victims of WarEdit

Cpt. Ariel Shawl KIA-Death by shrapnel explosion

Sgt. Raul Fraga MIA

Pvt. Rex White